Our School is proud of our reputation for preserving a strong classical tradition. Please review our policies with your child to be sure that the Fine Arts Academy Music School is the right school for you. In an effort to offer all of our students and their families an organized and friendly experience, we will strictly enforce our policies.

Registration There is a non-refundable registration fee of $75 for all new families payable at the time of registration. A hard copy registration form and waiver must be filled out and returned to the studio for students to be enrolled. The Director has the final say on book levels.


Accepted payments made by check, cash, credit card , Auto Draft or CASH APP with No FEE. There is a $2.00 processing fee for all Credit
cards and debit card transactions.

When lessons are complete, key card fobs must be returned or you will be charged the next months rent until property is returned.

Cash, check, Credit Card and money order payments are to be made at the Academy. Please Make checks out to ACADEMY OF ARTS LLC. Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. It remains the same whether it is a (4-week) or short (3-week) month. There is a $20 late fee for tuition received after the 3rd. There is no deduction in tuition for absences or holidays. Classes that are missed due to illness may be made up by correspondence with the instructor, Regardless of absence as long as you text me in advance I will make up. If the parent does not text me in advance there will be NO MAKE-UP LESSON.

A check written for insufficient funds will be considered late, therefore late fees will apply. If a student must withdraw from class, the Director must be notified 1 month in advance. Parents or guardians are held accountable for all fees due including outstanding balances until notification has been received and account is a zero balance and any property of the Fine Arts Academy is returned (Dress-cleaned with Dry clean slip, Keys, books), regardless of time length.

A payment schedule may be arranged for families with financial hardship. Students who choose to sit out a month must pay one-half tuition to hold that spot for each month only. Please be on time to drop off and pick up students. The Academy is not responsible for your child before or beyond their scheduled class time. Students who are not picked up from the studio within 15 minutes of the conclusion of their class time (without prior arrangements with the instructor) will be charged $1 for every minute the instructor is kept waiting. Students who arrive late maybe asked to observe class for their safety. Come into the building to pick up young students. For the safety of all our students, we ask that they remain inside the building.


Each female student will rent a dress from the Academy ($20.00) for the whole year. At the end of the year dresses will be returned to Academy with a Dry cleaning receipt.

Each performer will be charges $20.00 per concert they are performing in. This will cover your student recital and rehearsal fee. If your child/student is not performing then there will be no charge.

All Students participating in a concert will be required to be on time 30 min prior to concert start time or they will not perform. Each student will be required to stay at concert through duration of performance for FINALE. This is mandatory. If you cannot meet this requirement then you will not perform in concert. No Exceptions.

Lobby Etiquette

The lobby area is available for students waiting for lessons. Students are only allowed to enter the building five minutes before lesson start time. Students must use restroom before coming to lesson. The teacher cannot leave the studio to assist your child.


The Academy follows the Killeen Independent School District calendar. If there are any cancellations you will be notified by Mrs Nancy via Text. If in doubt, Please call the Mrs Nancy at 254-432-5173 and listen for a message announcement and check the weather and news. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather may be made up.


No food or drinks (except water) are allowed in the Academy. Students are reminded to keep the practice rooms and the lobby clean. Students should enter the Academy dressed MODESTLY with all necessary hair accessories. Student's names should be on every item. Students who are not adequately prepared will forfeit their lesson with no refund or make-up and will be asked to leave class. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Classroom Etiquette

  • Be on time and enter the Academy quietly.
  • Do not talk in class unless spoken to by the instructor.
  • Upon entering or leaving your instructors presence, please show proper respect
  • Do not leave the classroom without permission.
  • No gum or candy.
  • Be respectful of others at all times
  • Be properly attired for class.

Academy Pictures

Academy Pictures are done each year and it is mandatory for all students. No exceptions! If you do not want to participate in yearly School photo then you will not be a student of the Academy Of Arts Music School. There is NO COST to the family unless you want to purchase. Date of pictures will be given in advanced. Female students will wear Black academy dress. Male students will wear Black Bow Tie, Black suit, Black socks and white collared dress shirt and Black shoot. These are FORMAL pictures. Sometimes I might have students take tow photos. One being in FORMAL Attire and another in Academy T-shirt.

Proper Books are to be purchased at:

Arts & Music
Or through
Ms Nancy

Students not properly attired may be asked to observe class. Hair is to be pulled back securely out of the eyes and away from face. Hands and fingernails clean.

If Ms. Nancy text you or Mr Mike? Please respond as soon as possible. I do use Remindme app to communicate as well.

Your participation in the Academy indicates acceptance of the following policies. Please print them out and read carefully. Thoroughly review them in full with the student (your child) too.

These policies protect the integrity and structure of the Academy. As in any educational service, the most valuable resource are the clients and the patronage they provide. In order to provide the best service, these policies must be enforced and adhered to in order to be fair to all my

I may be contacted for questions, comments, and concerns at any time. You can reach me via text or phone call (254-2432-5173). While I may not respond immediately I will get back to you in a timely manner, which will not exceed 24 hours. Parents or students will often receive communication(s) from me regarding tuition and possible lesson changes. Should you receive a message from me, please respond promptly.

Student and Parent Expectations:

Expectations of the Student:

  • Students will greet teacher when beginning their lesson and on completion of their lesson. Student is to arrive punctually on the predetermined lesson day, well prepared and with all necessary materials, including but not limited to: books, notebook, recording device, pen and pencil etc.
  • Students/parents/siblings are asked to wait in the designated Academy waiting area immediately outside of the classroom. If you choose not to participate in your child's lesson within the classroom, please remain within the designated Academy waiting area.
  • Students and parents who are going to go to the time and expense of taking lessons should plan to practice daily. A MINIMUM level of practice is at least five days a week. Though there are busy periods in all lives, failing to practice regularly, and the consequent lack of progress, may result in dismissal from the Academy.
  • Students are responsible for the purchase of, lesson books, corresponding books and sheet music and other materials as needed and requested by me.
  • Students aged 8 years or more are not required to have a parent or guardian present in the lesson and must bring a record keeping book to all lessons for me to write in.
  • Students should finish all snacks and drinks before entering the Academy.
  • Students should wash their hands, use the restroom and make sure that fingernails are trimmed before the lesson.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted during the lesson.
  • Long hair or bangs should be pulled back from the face when playing. Keep an extra barrette or hair elastic in your book bag.
  • There should be no playing while I'm speaking.
  • Cell phones must be turned off or on silent (not on vibrate).

Expectations of the Parent:
  • The parent is responsible for getting the student to the lesson on time and with all necessary materials as listed above on the student expectation list.
  • For a child to progress in music, parents of students under 8 years of age are expected to be active and engaged in every lesson including taking notes to review lessons at home. Note taking is vital and for your benefit.
  • Please turn off your cell phone/smart device during the lesson. The Academy room is sensitive to sounds including vibrations from electronic devices. If you choose to make notes or video on your phone or smart device, please set to airplane mode at the beginning of the lesson.
  • I ask parents to refrain from conducting business or phone calls during the child's lesson. Private lessons provide a focused environment necessary to the success of your child's musical education. I ask in your assistance in allowing me to give 100% of my energy to your child, free of distractions or undesired sounds.
  • In many situations (particularly with young children) the parent is the home teacher and it is crucial that they take an active role in the student's daily practice. Please ensure your child practices daily what has been covered in the weekly lesson. Do not pick and choose what or what not to practice from what was covered in that weekly lesson.
  • The parent should help the student organize his/her day to include the required practice time. A MINIMUM level of practice is at least five days a week.
  • At times, a student may require behavioral correction. If correction should need to occur, please respect my methods of redirection and refrain from explaining the child's behavior, praising the student, or answering questions addressed to the student during the lesson.
  • Should I have a question for you, I will ensure to address you directly.
  • Childcare is not provided at the Academy. Siblings are welcome in lessons or they may wait in the Academy waiting area so long as there are no disruptions. If the sibling is young or highly agitated, please consider alternative care as I highly recommended your attention, participation throughout the lesson.
  • If I contact you via call, email or text, please respond in a timely manner i.e. within 12 hours.
  • Once or twice per month you may choose to use 10-15mins of your child's lesson to talk to me about any aspect of your child's musical education, including possible concerns you may have. When you choose to do this please bring materials that will keep your child occupied in the Academy waiting area.
  • The private lessons you have chosen to invest in should be referred to as 'lessons'; just as the child's school rehearsals are 'rehearsals', and practice time is 'practice', please call our weekly lesson 'a lesson'.
  • All balances for tuition, property, books owned by Fine Arts Academy of outstanding balances must be paid when discontinuing services from our program. If you are Auto draft - your account will be charged in full for money owed until written notice is given.

Expectations of the Teacher:
  • I will work with each student on goals that have been set by me and the student. These goals will vary from student to student.
  • I will communicate at the lesson what is to be practiced and it will also be written in the student's record keeping book.
  • I am committed to furthering my own education and want to see all of my students succeed.
  • My ultimate goals are to help produce a love of music in your child and to show them how their hard work (practice) pays off.

Lessons and Fees:

  • A monthly tuition payment is due the first of each month.
  • Piano lessons are once per week for 30mins ($120. Lessons consist of many components including; music theory, piano technique, ear training skills, sight-reading and playing repertoire.

Missed Lessons:

  • My intention is to have a missed-lesson policy that is simple and easy to administer, and one that honors the value of my time. If someone fails to show up for their lesson, that same portion of my day is still spent preparing and waiting for their scheduled arrival, and thus deserves the normal compensation. Also, that portion of my schedule is contracted out to that individual in lieu of other students on my waiting list who are eagerly awaiting and available for any possible openings.
  • Your tuition payment and due date is never affected in the case of an absence on the student's part.
  • There are no make-ups for lessons missed or canceled on the day of the lesson, and tuition is still due as normal. Remember, students are paying for a lesson time, not the lesson itself. Your tuition payment is a purchase of my instruction and time. Since the time passes whether a student uses it or not, a lesson missed is time lost.
  • Should a makeup lesson be scheduled and you do not show or cancel, that lesson it will not be made up again. Again, regular tuition is not affected in any way.

Federal Holidays, School Holidays, Summer:

The Academy is closed on all Federal Holidays, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break and Spring Break to include two weeks in Summer time. Announcement of closures will be determined by Owner.

Termination Notice:

To discontinue lessons at this Academy a written notification must be given 30 days prior to the cancellation. Moreover, the parent is responsible for tuition payments until 30 days after turning in the notification. All property of the Academy must be returned or paid for when discontinuing lessons. In the event of irregular attendance, repeated failure to prepare assigned material, or disruptive/disrespectful behavior, the teacher may terminate lessons.

Written notice be turned into office in writing to owner. No phone calls or any other typed of communication is acceptable. Once written notice is turned in and your outstanding balance is paid you will be taken off Auto Draft and rosters a long with turning in your key card. Failure to turn in key card will also be included in balanced owed of $35.00 and will be deducted from account via office payment or auto draft.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and sincere dedication to your child's music education!