Interested in Vocal Lessons in Kileen, TX?

The purpose of private voice instruction is primarily to assist you in developing your ability to sing with your own voice, using good technique, to express musical art. In order to accomplish this, you must learn how to practice, how to listen, musical styles, musical theory, and much more!

What I expect from you:

1. Practice, practice, practice
2. Be attentive to my instruction and be open to try new things
3. Respect my knowledge and trust when you sing, I can hear what you can't
4. Inform me of your goals and of any special assistance you need
5. Arrive on time for your lessons
6. Bring a pencil and a binder with paper (used to record weekly lessons and handouts)
7. Bring music book
8. Bring an audio device to record lessons

During lessons we will do the following:

  • Warm-ups & breath exercises (5-10 minutes)
  • Sightreading or theory (5-10 minutes) or as needed
  • Singing through piece (remainder of lesson)

During lessons when we are learning a new piece we will:

  • Read background information on composer, poet, opera, and/or musical
  • Speak the text as if reciting a monologue
  • Speak text in rhythm
  • Practice pitch intervals
  • Sing text on pitch
  • Sing song with no mistakes
  • Memorizations